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  • WebsitesWebsites
  • DomainsDomains
  • Email AccountsEmail Accounts
  • MySql DatabaseMySql Database
  • Disk SpaceDisk Space
  • BandwidthBandwidth
  • PlatformPlatform
  • GoodiesGoodies
  • Starter

  • $1

    per month

  • Websites1
  • Domains5
  • Email Accounts5
  • MySql Database1
  • Disk Space2 GB
  • Bandwidth5000 GB
  • PlatformcPanel
  • GoodiesOne Click Installs
  • Webmaster

  • $1.5

    per month

  • Websites3
  • Domains10
  • Email Accounts10
  • MySql Database3
  • Disk Space5 GB
  • Bandwidth7500 GB
  • PlatformcPanel
  • GoodiesOne Click Installs
  • Business

  • $2

    per month

  • Websites5
  • DomainsUnlimited
  • Email AccountsUnlimited
  • MySql DatabaseUnlimited
  • Disk Space8 GB
  • Bandwidth10000 GB
  • PlatformcPanel
  • GoodiesOne Click Installs
  • Enterprise

  • $2.5

    per month

  • Websites10
  • DomainsUnlimited
  • Email AccountsUnlimited
  • MySql DatabaseUnlimited
  • Disk Space10 GB
  • Bandwidth20000 GB
  • PlatformcPanel
  • GoodiesOne Click Installs

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